Meet The Team

Middlebrooks was founded to offer an approachable place for individuals and companies in financial distress to access advice and practical solutions.

We have a close knit team who have worked together over a number of years, each member brings their own unique specialism and talent to the table.

The ethos at Middlebrooks, whether engaged in a debtor-led insolvency or creditor led is to explain the situation and consequences in an easily understandable manner, whilst recognising the seriousness and difficulty of the situation.

As a team we have won awards as well as being at the forefront of personal debt solutions in Scotland for over 5 years, being one of the first insolvency teams to offer the Debt Arrangement Scheme.

As well as working with literally hundreds of individuals facing financial uncertainty, we also aim to provide sound advice to company directors in turmoil. We aim to do this with respect to the work directors have put in by establishing their own businesses, whilst operating within the complex landscape that can be corporate restructuring.