Claire Middlebrook

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Claire is a licensed insolvency practitioner and chartered accountant. She began her work life south of the border in Leeds and as such has experience of both English and Scottish insolvency legislation.

Claire applies the same principles to whichever type of entity she is dealing with, whether a multi-million turnover group or an individual who is facing distress – there is a problem – let’s fix it.

As well as taking both individual and company formal insolvency appointments, Claire is also heavily involved in solvent restructuring to maximise wealth withdrawal from companies.

Claire works with financial institutions, both high street banks as well as asset based lenders to advise on potential restructuring of their clients and risk reviews.
Claire has worked with individuals, company directors, partnerships and many other entities in the past and recognises that it is a difficult step to take however she believes that once the first step has been taken it is her role to guide through the next ten steps, by taking the least painful route.

Recognised within her peer group, Claire has been asked to speak at industry conferences on various matters within insolvency as well as being consulted on a regular basis by members of the professional community, primarily within the central belt of Scotland but also across the UK. Claire has in-depth knowledge of the licensed trade, payroll agencies, agriculture, construction, legal firms and the leisure industry. She is a member of R3, the trade body for insolvency professionals.