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Tom's Story

Tom Smith, a financial advisor needing personal debt advice – Insolvency is very heavily governed in statute, but it is a fair process.  We have been involved with many individuals, but one in particular required some planning prior to the insolvency event.  Due to some historic dealings, including buying a badly run property portfolio on behalf of a third party, this wealth manager faced mortgage shortfalls in the hundreds of thousands.  Due to his work, a careful solution had to be thought through.

At Middlebrooks we present all options available, it is up to the individual to choose which suits their particular set of circumstances – this person opted to sign a Trust Deed.  We also made use of a type of Trust Deed which can exclude the family home from the estate.  As a result of this action, he avoided sequestration which would have been the end of his income as a financial planner.

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